Racial and Ethnic Politics in the United States, Chapman University (Spring 2018)

Mean Effectiveness: 4.65 out of 5

"Dr. Arora is probably one of the best professor's I've had. His lectures were extremely informative and interesting and he always allowed for class discussions around important topics. We also not only learned about historical cases and issues involving race and ethnicity, but also learned about current cases and issues. In addition, he provided a lot of extra help and was very helpful in answering any questions we had. He was very positive, while also constructive with his feedback!"

"I cannot stress how important this class is in general and for students our age to take. It was so absolutely interesting yet depressing learning the information about the current racial structures in our country and how they are constructed. EVERYONE NEEDS TO TAKE THIS CLASS! Also the professor was very informed and professional when communicating certain topics that are more controversial. Thank you for teaching this class"

"Maneesh is the love of my life. Give this man a raise!"

Public Opinion, UC Irvine, Spring 2018 (co-instructed with Dr. Michael Tesler)
Introduction to American Government, UC Irvine (Summer 2017)

Mean Effectiveness: 7.8 out of 9

"Passionate about the subject and creates activities that is related to the topic which stimulates our interest in the subject. Excellent professor!!!"

"He is really nice and approachable, so students are willing to communicate with him. His passion to political science do change some part of my view to this subject in a positive way."

"Good at explaining the materials, very nice and kind, patient and care about his students, make the class fun and enjoyable"

American Government, Cal Poly Pomona (Spring 2017)

Mean Effectiveness: 98.2% positive (1.09 on 1-5 scale, 1 being "Most Positive")

Students at CPP are not given an opportunity to write comments in evaluations

Mean Effectiveness: 6.46 out of 7

"By far my favorite TA at UCI and was so happy to have him as a co-instructor this quarter. Maneesh made clear presentations that were easy to follow along with and he incorporated student comments extremely well. Every time a student had a question, he was able to give a concise answer that helped the entire class understand the material."

"Loved how relevant he made the course material to the class. I liked the pop culture points that he brought up and made sure that we were able to understand the course material."

"Maneesh was probably the best TA I have had here at UCI. He essentially taught half of the lectures, and was an incredible speaker and really knew the material. This guy deserves a raise. He is absolutely incredible."